Top 10 Best Apps to Learn Spanish for Both Android and iOS


Learning Spanish has never been more accessible and convenient than it is today, thanks to the wide varieties of language-learning apps available for both Android and iOS users. Whether you’re planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, aiming to become fluent, or simply looking to enhance your language skills, there’s an app for you. In this article, we’ll mention the top 10 best apps that make the journey of learning Spanish enjoyable and effective. From interactive games to connecting with native speakers, these apps cover a wide range of approaches to suit your preferences. Let’s go on this linguistic adventure and discover the 10 best apps to learn Spanish.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Apps to Learn Spanish

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Spanish Explorer +

Spanish Explorer + is your guide to all things Spanish. Whether you’re a globetrotter ready to explore the vibrant culture of Spanish-speaking countries or a language enthusiast aiming to conquer español, this app is your passport to success. Packed with essential features like interactive flashcards, a comprehensive phrasebook, advanced sentence translation, and a personalized note-taking system, Spanish Explorer + is the indispensable tool that will elevate your language skills to new heights. Unlock the beauty of the Spanish language and navigate your journey with confidence using this invaluable app.

Download Spanish Translator+ on Android and IOS.


Duolingo is a language-learning app that redefines the art of mastering Spanish. With an engaging gamified approach, it transforms the traditional learning experience into an interactive and enjoyable adventure. Duolingo spans across essential language facets, including reading, writing, and listening skills, ensuring a well-rounded educational journey. What sets Duolingo apart is its innovative daily goal-setting feature that not only motivates but also rewards you for your achievements, injecting a delightful element into your pursuit of Spanish fluency. Dive into the world of language with Duolingo and let your journey be both educational and entertaining.

Download Doulingo on Android and IOS


HelloTalk is a language exchange app that transcends borders and connects you with native Spanish speakers around the globe. Through its cutting-edge features, including video and text chat, HelloTalk creates a vibrant and interactive learning environment where users can engage in language exchange. It’s not just a tool to master Spanish; it’s a platform that bridges cultures and allows you to forge meaningful connections with people from diverse regions. Expand your horizons, enrich your language skills, and make global friends with HelloTalk– where the world comes together through language.

Download Hellotalk on Android and  IOS

Learn Spanish+

Learn Spanish+ is your express route to mastering the Spanish language swiftly and effectively. Featuring an extensive collection of over a hundred lessons, 1190 essential phrases, and a comprehensive set of 4000 interactive exercises, this app is meticulously crafted to turbocharge your language acquisition. Perfect for beginners and tourists, Learn Spanish+ also offers expert pronunciation guidance, ensuring that you not only learn Spanish but speak it with confidence in no time. Start your language journey today with Spanish Express+ and unlock the world of Spanish communication at your fingertips.

Download Learn Spanish+ on IOS


Busuu is your versatile companion for mastering a multitude of languages, with Spanish at the forefront. Offering a diverse array of vocabulary and specialized study courses, Busuu empowers you to embark on a journey towards fluency. Dive into the intricate nuances of Spanish with grammar reviews and meticulously designed study plans, ensuring a comprehensive approach to language learning. Whether you’re a beginner seeking to conquer the basics or aspiring to become a pro, Busuu is your trusted guide on the path to linguistic excellence. Unlock the world of languages with Busuu and open doors to communication and culture like never before.

Download Busuu on Android and IOS

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone provides an all-encompassing language learning experience, with a focus on audio tools and comprehensive phrasebooks designed to teach Spanish. Despite occasional user-reported bugs and ads, it continues to maintain high ratings on app stores, a testament to its effectiveness. It’s important to note that certain advanced features may require in-app purchases to unlock, making it an app that adapts to your learning needs and preferences. Embark on your Spanish language journey with Rosetta Stone and experience an immersive and structured approach to language acquisition.

Download Rosette stone on Android and IOS

Cat Academy Spanish

Cat Academy Spanish adds a delightful and unique twist to your language learning adventure. With cat pictures accompanying your Spanish phrase and grammar memorization, it ensures an engaging and memorable experience. Not only can you deepen your language skills with these feline companions, but you can also challenge friends and colleagues to join you on your Spanish learning journey, making it a social and interactive experience. Keep in mind that while some features are paid, the charm of learning Spanish with cute cat companions is truly priceless. Dive into the world of Cat Academy Spanish and combine language learning with a perfect dose of fun.

Download Cat Academy Spanish on Android and IOS


Brainscape is a dynamic and versatile app that caters to learners at every stage of their Spanish language journey. Using advanced flashcards, it empowers you to assess your performance, ensuring a personalized and efficient learning experience. Beyond flashcards, Brainscape incorporates audio features that guide you in mastering the precise pronunciation of Spanish phrases. While it provides a plethora of resources for free, certain advanced features are available through in-app purchases, making it a comprehensive and adaptable tool for honing your Spanish skills with ease. Unleash the power of Brainscape and take your Spanish proficiency to new heights.

Download Brainscape on Android and IOS


HiNative is a language learning app that serves as a welcoming gateway for beginners to immerse themselves in the world of Spanish. Within a vibrant community of Spanish speakers, users can ask questions and provide answers, fostering a collaborative and interactive learning environment. The Q&A format accelerates the learning process and deepens cultural understanding. HiNative also stands out by supporting audio recordings, offering invaluable pronunciation feedback. Whether you’re on Android or iOS, HiNative is readily available to guide you on your quest to master the Spanish language and engage with a global community of learners.

Download HiNative on Android and IOS

SpeakEasy Spanish

SpeakEasy Spanish is your essential phrasebook companion, expertly crafted to guide you through everyday scenarios in a Spanish-speaking country. Each phrase is thoughtfully presented with both Spanish and English translations, offering a lifeline for English speakers in a Spanish environment. A unique feature of this app apart is its inclusion of audio recordings, ensuring that you nail the correct pronunciation, adding a layer of authenticity to your interactions. Please note that SpeakEasy Spanish is an iOS-exclusive app, designed to be your trusted language tool on your Apple device as you explore the beauty of the Spanish-speaking world.

Download SpeakEasy Spanish on IOS

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These top 10 apps for both Android and iOS devices have proven to be invaluable resources.These apps have been selected to cater to a variety of preferences and learning styles, they offer diverse approaches to mastering Spanish, catering to beginners, tourists, and those striving for fluency. From gamified experiences to connections with native speakers, these apps have demonstrated their effectiveness in making language acquisition an engaging and fruitful journey. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of Barcelona or connecting with friends in Madrid, the skills gained from these apps will serve as your linguistic passport. So, as you embark on your quest to learn Spanish, these apps are your trusted companions, enabling you to communicate, connect, and experience the beauty of the Spanish language. ¡Buena suerte y adelante! (Good luck and onward!)

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