How To Fix MacBook That Won’t Turn On Using 3 Different Methods


Discovering why your MacBook refusing to turn on can be concerning, but fear not because there are effective ways to address this issue. In this guide, we’ll look into three reliable methods to repair a non-responsive MacBook. Whether it’s a simple power cycle, checking hardware connections, or advanced steps like resetting the NVRAM and SMC, we’ve got you covered. Come along to troubleshoot and revive your MacBook, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Ways to fix MacBook that won’t turn on 

• Faulty hardware.

• Broken Hard-drive permissions.

• Damage system files.

Solution To Fix The MacBook Won’t Turn-On Issue

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Method 1

Power Cycle

A MacBook that won’t boot up at all, may require performing a power cycle. To perform a power cycle fix:

• Unplug power cables from MacBook.

• Turn off your MacBook by pressing and holding the power button for 10 secs.

• Re-connect the cables while pressing the power button for 10secs.

• Press the Power button to Boot your MacBook.

Method 2

Check Hardware And Cables

This is a very simple fix to MacBook that won’t turn on. Just change the adapter & cable with a different or brand new one and check if the MacBook turns on.

For Mac desktop, a loose cable might be the issue it won’t Turn on. Take a look around the cables and make sure they are connected firmly.

In case, you’ve recently change or upgrade hardware components either reinstall the old hardware or check new component is perfectly in place in its sockets.


An NVRAM is a “Non-Vital Random Access Memory”.

An NVRAM stores data although it isn’t related to MacBook’s booting process but resetting it might help you fix the MacBook won’t turn-on issues.

• Switch-off MacBook.

• Press and hold the “CMD + ALT + P + R” keys at the same time.

• Wait for MacBook to Turn-On & play the second reboot chime before you release all the keys.

A more advanced solution to fix the MacBook is resetting the system management controller (SMC). The SMC is a built-in controller that takes care of different functions like the keyboard, backlight, battery, power button and so on.

Follow these instructions to reset the SMC:

• Switch off MacBook and Remove power cable.

• Plug in Power cable again

• Hold “shift + control + Alt” keys and power button.

• Release all the buttons simultaneously and the power cable light will flick to indicate that the smc has been successfully reset.

• Restart MacBook.


Re-Install Mac OS

This would be the last solution to consider if the above methods to fix your MacBook won’t turn on issues.

• Switch off MacBook and press the Power button.

• Press the “CMD + R” key simultaneously to boot into recovery mode.

• On the screen, the Mac OS utility will appear with different options. Use the direction keys and select “Reinstall Mac OS”.

• Enter Apple ID and continue the process. It takes several minutes for OS to reinstall.

• After setup is done, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

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Tackling a MacBook that won’t turn on doesn’t have to be a hard task. The three methods discussed offer a very simple approach to troubleshooting and resolving this issue. From basic power cycling and checking hardware connections to more advanced steps like resetting the NVRAM and SMC, users now have a toolkit to address varying levels of non-startup scenarios. By following these methods, you can breathe new life into your MacBook and get back to a seamless computing experience. Remember to approach the solutions systematically and, in many cases, you’ll find your MacBook powering up and ready for action.

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