5 Amazing AI Face Recovery in 2023

While you are still thinking of how to make the pictures or videos look better, have you heard of AI Face Recovery? We take pictures and capture videos in real time with different devices such as cameras and smartphones. These pictures and videos are some of the ways we keep memories for posterity sake, but what happens when a picture or video appears blurry or becomes old and rough? This might be as a result of low light, high motion, poor camera quality or an unprofessional hand using the device. With a few techniques and tricks, you can remove the blur, make an old picture look good again, and even restore extremely blurry in videos and pictures with ease.

Face Recovery is the technique used to remove the blurriness from an image or portrait so that the person’s face is clearly visible. This process detects the person’s face and then blurs the rest of the image so that only the face remains clear.

The breakthrough in this technology offers remarkable detail enhancement for low resolution faces. This technology can be said to be timely as it help professionals to save time on difficult projects.

Here are five AI Face Recovery tools to help you work with ease and less effort;

Adobe Photoshop Express: Adobe Photoshop Express is a simpler version of the full Adobe Photoshop app. It is a powerful tool for high quality old photo restoration and was named the Best Photo Restoration App of 2023. It empowers users to;

  • Resize images for social media
  • Sharpen images
  • Fix exposure
  • Add special effects
  • Easily remove blemishes and imperfections from old photos.

HitPaw Photo Enhancer: HitPaw Photo Enhancer is a a user-friendly tool that transforms photos into high quality masterpieces with just a few clicks. It allows users to edit, alter, and optimize images the same way experts do. Some its available features allows users to;

  • Adjustment exposure
  • Make the surroundings blurry
  • Remove unnecessary items
  • Use of contrast

ImageColorizer: ImageColorizer is a tool that uses technology to restore old photos automatically and instantly. It utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze grayscale data and apply realistic colors intelligently, making old memories come alive. Its key features are;

  • Restores old photos by upscaling objects and details
  • Retouches old, blurry portrait photos and make face look better
  • Colourize black white pictures automatically
  • Repairs damaged and scratched old pictures in one click
  • Removes unwanted objects from old photos

AVCLabs Photo Enhancer: This software enables users to explore its tools for enhancing photos. It allows users to test the full features of the program using free trial version before purchase. Some its features are;

  • Dedicated algorithms for upscaling low-definition photos to HD
  • Suppress noise and remove blur when upscaling images
  • Colorize old, black and white photos in one click
  • Remove background from images automatically
  • Support image batch processing to save your time and patience

ImgKits: Imgkits helps you remove any unwanted content from an image easily, such as text, logo, or date stamps. In addition, it can also be used to retouch photos and remove tourists, allowing you to say goodbye to any unwanted objects easily. Key features of this tool are;

  • Skin retouching and freckle removal
  • Pixar filter
  • Photo to cartoon
  • Photo colorizer
  • Image background change and remover
  • Image defogging
  • Image cut out
  • Photo to sketch


AI continues to evolve every day and this technology has made accessibility to tools for preserving and enhancing memories from old or blurred images easy.

This technology has come to stay and is now being embraced by both professionals and those who just want to take pictures for memory’s sake.

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