5 AI Tools to Validate your Startup Idea

The journey towards becoming an entrepreneur and a startup owner can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Aside from gathering your thoughts and putting your ideas together, validating your business idea is important to your entrepreneurial journey. This will save you from incurring unnecessary costs and save the time you’ll have to spend on creating a product or service that is not marketable.

Confirming if your business idea is a pressing issue for people might not be easy, considering all the research, market surveys and consultations you have to embark on. Today, this is no longer a problem because technology has created a lot of ease in so many ways. From the comfort of your home or office, you can use AI tools to validate your business idea.

Why Validate your Idea Using AI Tools?

The use of AI tools for validating startup ideas happens with speed and efficiency. Data is processed in a short time, giving room for quick decision making and adjustments. Also, AI tools are unbiased with their analysis based on the data supplied to them, thereby, ruling out personal biases that can affect the judgement of the viability of the idea.

Here are 5 AI tools that you can use to validate your start-up idea.

Validator AI: This can be used to validate a business idea before a start-up can launch or not. This tool has given the power to anyone, anywhere to change their life through entrepreneurship. It gives actionable advice and excellent insight on how a star-up can move forward. Some of its most notable features are;

  • Dashboard and reporting.
  • API Integration.
  • It is customizable.
  • Comprehensive idea validation.
  • It identifies potential challenges and guidance.

Revive : With Revive tool, entrepreneurs and business owners are able to visualize, validate, and develop their business ideas. Some of Revive’s most notable features are;

  • It offers a platform for business owners to share and explore business ideas with the community.  
  • It carries out SWOT analysis, competition and customer analysis for a small fee.
  • Free ideation platform to help users transform their ideas into reality.
  • It allows users to customize the look and feel of the business plan, including its name and description.

Valueprop:  Valueprop is an AI-powered Value Proposition Canvas Generator that helps businesses identify and design a value proposition that addresses the needs and desires of their target audience. This tool has two main components: the Customer Profile – describes the specific needs, desires, and behaviour of the target customer and the Value Map – describes the products, services, and features wants to offer to its target customers. Some of its most notable features are;

  • Generates Customer Profile.
  • Generates Value Map.
  • It generates value proposition canvas for a business idea.
  • It improves the current value proposition of an existing business.
  • Analysis of products and services.
  • Customer pain identification.
  • Customer gain identification.

Pitches.ai:  This tool is a perfect fit for leaders who are strapped for time (and cash) and want to take their pitch deck to the next level, from story to design. Its AI-generated pitch content is optimised to grab investor attention. Pitch.ai has the following key features:

  • Offers human editing and design add-ons to personalize and brand your pitch deck.
  • Generates formatted Google Slides template that is optimized for easy consumption.
  • Optimized for investor attention.
  • Simplify lengthy copy with AI algorithms to simplify and trim extensive text in pitch decks.

Bizway’s: Bizway evaluates a business plan and provides a comprehensive analysis to determine the viability of the business idea based on various key factors – problem identification, solution fit, market assessment, unique value proposition, financial viability, scalability, and regulatory and legal considerations. Bizway’s key features includes;

  • Generates tailored roadmaps in seconds that break down your idea, goal, or plan into manageable steps.
  • Automates a wide range of tasks, such as competitor analysis, brainstorming names and taglines, and projecting a 12-month financial forecast.
  • Saves all your brilliant ideas, research items, insights, and plans to your business plan with just a couple of clicks.
  • Dives into every branch of your idea and explore them in full, saving your insights to the relevant business section as you proceed.


One of the biggest challenges when starting a new business is determining the viability of the idea. This is where AI has become so helpful. The speed at which these tools process and analyze large volumes of data in a short time is matchless compared to human effort. This means, start-up idea can be validated in shortest possible time.

So if you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch a successful product or service, don’t worry, just embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence.  

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