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It is no news that everyone is continually looking for ways, tools, devices that can make their lives, tasks, careers a lot easier. While some people are busy looking for simple tools and devices that will make their lives a lot less stressful, some great minds are busy trying to device new ways of solving these problems.

Walking around at all times with a pen in hand or in your pocket isn’t a problem. The issue is being able to hold on to that pen for a while longer without loosing it. What then happens when you loose this pen and boom, an idea pops in your head. And you really have to put it down so you don’t forget? You recite it until you can get a pen? For how long? Also, not everyone enjoys writing. Some people have something in their heads but writing it down looks like work so they just let the idea die. Yes, that’s how lazy some people are with writing. All these are iisues in case you don’t know, and now the good news is, some great minds have developed an app to help solve this problem. This app is called Google Keep.

Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google that can be used to create notes and lists. It was launched on March 20, 2013 and is available on the web and also has a mobile application for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. It is a quick way to offload ideas or inspirations when they strike. A way to keep list of related items in on place. With Google keep, you can check off completed tasks, set reminders, add photo and audio. You can also save the things you care about in a single click. With this app, you don’t have to type if you don’t feel like it. You can always just record your voice using the audio recorder feature and Google keep helps you transcribe. Did I hear you say shweeeet!? GRIN Google keep offers a collaborative workflow which makes your work a lot easier.

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Google keep has a lot of functionalities that will make your work easier. Here are some of the basic features of Google Keep.

  • REMINDER: This feature allows you to set time and place reminder about an event,a completed or uncompleted task. It is represented by a bell icon. With these, you can always set a reminder about a meeting or a task that you have to perform or an event.
  • COLLABORATOR: It helps you add collaborators to a particular note and get things done together.
  • COLOR: With this feature, one can add any color of choice to a note to distinguish it from the rest or just for fun. This means you can style your note to suit your taste.
  • ADD IMAGE: This allows you to add an image to your note.
  • AUDIO: This feature allows you record your voice and types down everything you say. With this feature, you don’t have to type at all, just say the words and Google keep types them for you.
  • ARCHIVE: Google keep also makes it possible for you to archive your notes.
  • UNDO/REDO: With the undo and redo feature, you can always retrace your steps, fix a mistake or make adjustments.
  • TRASH: When you decide to get rid of a note for whatever reason, you can always trash it. It is represented by a bin icon.


  • Google keep is definitely a must have application for your day-to-day activities whether personal or official as it is the perfect productivity and organizational tool for you.
  • Google keep is easy to use. It makes adding of notes or lists simple.
  • It is an instant access to type info when you don’t have pen and paper in handy.
  • It is useful at sorting a list, long or short.
  • You can always check and un-check your list items especially in a case where you checked that item by mistake.
  • It comes with an pen tool that allows you write instead of typing down your thought thereby giving you a handwritten note. And you can always use the eraser tool to erase whatever you have written.
  • You can use drag-and-drop to prioritize your notes.
  • You can archive and unarchive your notes as well.
  • You can add photos and drawings.
  • You can dictate your thoughts using the audio feature and Google keep will transcribe for you.
  • You can group your notes together using the label feature.
  • You can choose to add color to each note for easy identification and/or scanability.
  • You can send notes to other apps you use.
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From the aforementioned reasons, you’ll notice that Google keep is the productivity and organizational tool for you. If you are not using Google keep yet, then you should start so you don’t miss out on it’s amazing features more than you already have. looking to get started wih this tool, head over to Google playstore or IOS Appstore or the Google Keep Website or the top right hand side of your gmail inbox which has a yellow icon.


  • I have been using this Incredible tool for quite some time now, amazing how it “keeps” you on top on of your schedule. still using it till date.

  • Exactly, I love the simplicity of the app, the color feature and how it breaks down my tasks


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