Top 10 Must Have AI Business Tools in 2023


Explore the realm of AI tools for enhance your business productivity. Unlock the potential to enhance research, streamline tasks, and boost your revenue. Imagine having a virtual assistant to tackle the less exciting aspects of your work, alleviating the overwhelm. In 2023, the landscape is ripe with powerful AI tools that can revolutionize your business operations. Join me as I list down the top 10 must-have AI business tools, these tools are game-changing tools designed to amplify efficiency and drive profitability in your aspirations.

Here are The Top 10 Must-Have AI Business tools in 2023

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Spin Rewriter

An AI tool for business that can rewrite a single article into 500 different articles in like 45 seconds. It has a tool called text paraphrasing AI that can rewrite an existing article into unique quality articles.

Blog content is a really important part of SEO and SEO helps Drive New visitors to your website.

Writing blog content is a full-time job plus other tasks that you have to do as a business owner so this tool saves you a lot of time. In addition, articles generated by AI, advise you to add your spin on it to feel more human.

Unlock the visual prowess of Mid-Journey, a top-tier AI tool for businesses navigating the image-centric demands of this century. Dive in by:

1. Creating a Discord account and logging into the app.

2. Accepting the Mid-Journey invitation.

For newcomers, flex your creative muscles in newbie’s rooms to test prompts. Command the AI by pressing slash to imagine, input your directive, and hit enter to unveil your images. The bot typically offers four diverse options after a brief image-generating interval. Once processing concludes, your image becomes public. Harness this tool to craft lifelike mock-up images, breathing vitality into your products. Elevate your visual storytelling with Mid-Journey.


This AI tool delivers hourly insights into your competitors’ moves, sparing you the hassle of constant monitoring. Receive discreet alerts for crucial updates like new product launches or pricing changes. Bid farewell to the daily grind of competitor tracking as BrowseAI sends tailored email alerts with the keywords and products that matter to you. Elevate your business research with this indispensable AI tool.


Looka is your go-to solution for design quandaries. No design skills or the budget for a graphic designer? Looka steps in, generating countless logo versions instantly. Take charge with the editor, tailoring the design to your exact specifications. Beyond logos, Looka provides all necessary files in zip, jpegs, and png formats. What sets Looka apart is its comprehensive approach – finalize your logo, and it hands you a Brand Bible. This includes brand fonts, colors, and a marketing kit featuring essentials like an email signature and business cards. Streamline your branding with Looka’s versatility.

Copy AI

This tool is a must-have for business owners, especially if English isn’t your first language or time is a luxury. Let Copy AI take the reins of your social media captions and more. From blog content that attracts new customers to ad copy for running extensive tests and e-commerce descriptions that entice buyers – this AI tool for business writing has you covered. Elevate your written content effortlessly with Copy AI’s versatile capabilities.


This is the powerhouse editing suite designed to revolutionize your social media content creation for business. Highlighting its prowess is the video editor, empowering beginners to tackle complex tasks that once demanded skilled and expensive editors. Dive into the user-friendly world of Runway and effortlessly:

  • Execute a green screen effect.
  • Remove backgrounds and more.

Runway’s transformative technology simplifies the once tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming facets of video editing, firmly earning its place among AI tools for enhancing business productivity. Step into the future of content creation with Runway.

Merlin Chrome Extension 

This tool is your shortcut to crafting professional emails in seconds. Experience the magic of Merlin, a free Google Chrome extension that responds to your requests, akin to ChatGPT. Transform your email game with the efficiency and ease brought to you by Merlin.


This is the note-taking maestro that organizes itself. This intelligent tool understnands your contacts and calendar events, ensuring your notes align seamlessly. A must-have for business owners, office workers, and students alike, MEM proves invaluable for internal meetings, class lectures, sales pitches, and interviews. Stay impeccably organized and gain a competitive edge with MEM, ensuring key details are at your fingertips for closing deals and making a lasting impression.

Beautiful AI

A professional presentation is the second most important thing if you’re in a pitch. You want to make sure that your PowerPoint is looking clean and professional with Beautiful AI and it makes it perfect as one of the Top AI tools for business productivity.

This tool is going to create a beautiful slide deck without the need of hiring a designer, it has a designer bot that will help you even if you don’t know where to start. To begin, Type in a detailed description of what the presentation is about and it’s going to generate a polished presentation to match.

Beautiful AI gives you a really good starting point for you to fill in the blanks and update information and it also offers other AI features to help save you time.


As it is in this century, images are needed for businesses to stand out. One of the best Ai Tools for business owners is Mid-journey which is a Discord bot that takes your text to create an entirely new beautiful image.

if you’re interested in using this tool you have to:

  1. create a Discord account then login to the Discord app.
  2. Accepting the mid-Journey invitation.

If you’re new to the platform you’re encouraged to use the newbie’s rooms to test your prompting skills. You can prompt the AI command by:

  • Pressing the slash to imagine followed by writing in your command
  • Finish by pressing enter to see your images.
  • The bot will usually give you four different options after a few seconds of image-generating time.
  • Once the processing is finished, your image will be publicly visible.

You can leverage this tool to create realistic mock-up images of a product that you want to bring to life.


Descript is a dynamic and potent ally in transforming your online presence through videos and podcasts. In the era where content creation is not just optional but mandatory for business owners, Descript emerges as a game-changer. This powerful AI tool automatically handles various tasks, including video editing, transcript generation, automatic text editing, and filtering out filler words. Descript also boasts the ability to correct colors, replace backgrounds, add text, enhance audio, screen record podcasts, and create subtitles. With just a button press, Descript simplifies the publishing process, ensuring your compelling content reaches your favorite social media platforms effortlessly. Stay competitive, tell your story, and amplify your message with Descript

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In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the integration of AI tools has become not just advantageous but essential. The top 10 must-have business tools highlighted here exemplify a transformative wave, offering innovative solutions to streamline tasks, enhance productivity, and elevate overall operations. From competitive intelligence with BrowseAI to effortless content creation with Descript, each tool addresses specific business needs. As we embrace the future of technology-driven efficiency, these must-have AI business tools stand as indispensable companions, empowering businesses to not only adapt but thrive in the ever-evolving digital era.

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