Paritie Game Night: How we enjoyed it and plans for 2.0

Monopoly Game players

All work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy… Often than not we get engrossed in the pile of work that we tend to forget to sit back, take a deep breath and then have some fun. One of the best ways to quickly level-up friendships amongst your colleagues is to create a shared experience.

So at Paritie Innovation Hub, we decided to organize a game night to promote team building and also get to know ourselves, interact with new people and promote our brand.

Missed Paritie Game Night? Watch!

The event was definitely one to remember as everyone brought their ‘Game face’ on and the hosts did a great job at managing the people who attended the game night.


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PERFECT TIMING : You know there is nothing more annoying than getting prepared for an event or a game night (in this case) and have only one person show up. So we set a date and time when people can actually come which is a Saturday evening.

Ludo Game for ‘Senior Men’

WHO WAS INVITED: We invited people from different niche. It was a great opportunity for everyone to bond and make new friends.

VENUE: We picked the right spot for the game, which is the office space as it is spacious and perfect for the event.

GAME CHOICE: While organizing the event, we knew that we were going to have a mix of people with diverse interests and was not far from what the environment is used to.

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REFRESHMENTS: What’s a game night without edibles, right? You didn’t think we will leave out that part did you? #BigGrin. Well we provided snacks and beverages in the form of Doughnut and Chapman. And also sweets. Enough to go round. Everyone sure came alive after gulping the Chapman and biting the doughnut. We wouldn’t want people to get grumpy when their tummy rumbles, it will kill the vibe we intended the game night to create right?

COORDINATION: Each game was coordinated by some of the staff members of the company.

Scrabble players table

Incase you are still contemplating on whether or not a game night is important for team building. Here are some free tips on how game nights can help your team;

  • You learn together; with trivia games you end up tackling new challenges.
  • You play together; Remember how fun it was to play with your friends when you were much younger? Game nights are adult way of playing and having fun together.
  • You laugh together; There is something about laughing with a group that is unforgettable. And research shows that we laugh 30 times than we do when we are alone.
  • You get out of your comfort zone together.

The event was all shades of fun and gave us the opportunity to ease tension that surrounds us.

In case you missed the first edition, here is another opportunity to join us on 14th of September, 2019 as we come out out to network, discuss and have fun. To get involved, reserve a space using this event link (Paritie Game Night 2.0)

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See you soon!

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