ONLINE BUSINESS CREATION || 8 Simple Steps to Guide You

Do you have a business or skill? Are you thinking of having one or even improve your skills? Do you a dream of making money from them ONLINE? Of course, you do, I mean who doesn’t? After all, we are humans and we need lots of money to spend on our daily needs.

Let me ask you, do you think accomplishing this will be an easy task? I bet No because if it was, EVERYONE would be doing it. Although, who says you can’t be an exception? If you are TRAINED to do it the right way, you could be on your way to Financial Freedom.

Step-by-step training is an essential factor if you really want to succeed more in an online business. Once you’ve learnt: the secrets, what tools to use, how to promote your business online, how to help others do the same, you are well on your way to becoming successful, as you would be heading straight into your FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Truth is, it can be confusing, overwhelming and downright frustrating! But if you take it one step at a time, learn from every lesson, practice exactly what is being taught, you will suddenly realize you can do it, and you will see phenomenal results!

Here are 8 simple steps you can follow to establish an online business:

Step 1: Choose a business structure

Before you start a business, you must decide whether you’ll operate as a sole proprietor, a limited liability company or a corporation.

Step 2: Decide where to form your business

For most small businesses, it is best to file formation documents in the state where you’re located which you initiate via

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Step 3: Choose a business name

It is worth taking some time to choose a unique name for your online business. This helps you market your business better and also minimizes the chance that a similarly named business will accuse you of trademark infringement.

Step 4: Get a domain name

As soon as you decide on a name, register a domain name for your business. The domain name is your Internet address, typically ending in .com (for commercial entities), .org (for organisations), and .net (a network of businesses). You can also check your proposed domain name availability by visiting name-checking services

Step 5: File your business formation papers

Forming a business entity requires filing documents with the state agency that handles business filings such as the Corporate Affairs Commission. You will need to pay a fee to search for the availability of the proposed name. Once the incorporation is complete, you’ll receive a certificate confirming that your new business entity exists.

Step 6: Set up your finances

You can obtain a Federal Tax Identification Number (Tax Identification Number) from the Federal Inland Revenue Service. You will also need to open a business bank account when starting an online business and, if you’re going to be processing transactions through your website, an account with Payment processors like Paystack, Flutterwave or other online payment services may be necessary.

Step 7: Understand sales tax and licensing requirements

If you are selling things online, you’ll have to collect and pay sales tax for transactions in any state where your business has a physical presence. Although, the procedures vary from state to state. You should check with your city or country to find out if you need a business license or are required to register a fictitious business name.

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Step 8: Finally, set up your website

To get your website up and running, you’ll need to purchase web hosting, which is typically offered by the same companies that provide domain registration. Hosting gives your website a place to live on the Internet. You learn from internet gurus in the field or even contact us here at and in 30 days, you’ll be amazed at what you have accomplished. Let this be the stepping stone to the life you’ve always wanted. To the life you deserve!

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