Metaverse: The Game Changer


Do you think this technology will be terrifying or scary?

Imagine yourself appearing and disappearing at different locations throughout the day because you are interacting with various online contents.

About a month ago, Facebook announced that Metaverse is the next chapter for the internet and that it is the next chapter for them too. This new phase that is now upon us, is the basis of Facebook’s adoption of a new brand name, Meta, in order to capture the new virtual reality.

Having said that, for most people, the word Metaverse is still a mysterious concept that is difficult to understand. They try their best daily to get on any document for the purpose of extracting knowledge that will help them to better understand this new phase of technology. 

Meanwhile, for some others, the concept is just like bread and butter which seems to be very simple for them to grasp, even at the very first instance. Then, there is another set of people who have zero concern for the said technology. They assume they have nothing to do with it and so, being bothered about it is like a waste of time and energy to them. We strongly hope you are not part of the last set of people because it is actually dangerous to be. In no time, the reality will eventually hit us and we will then discover that there is actually no other way of surviving than to be part of the development. 

So, what is Metaverse?

Imagine this. Instead of flipping or browsing through the website or mobile app of a fashion store or a grocery venture, you are rather able to virtually interact with a 3-Dimensional mall, as in-game characters or avatars. That is huge! It means that, as a user, you will be able to immerse yourself in the virtual building, not just scrolling on your device, which is a 2-Dimensional concept.

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It feels good to discover that from wherever it is that you are, you could actually walk, take a stroll or teleport from one website to the other, in 3D! It goes beyond just interacting with texts, pictures and videos online. It is like experiencing the real world. 

Metaverse is not just a Facebook thing. It is a technology that can be adopted by any technology company just like Facebook. It is the new way for people to interact with content online. Metaverse is a future virtual space that will allow people to have access to a wide range of entertainment and projects with the integration of augmented reality; websites will be transformed into 3-Dimensional objects (You can watch the full Metaverse video here).

With this new immersive internet, you can actually jump from one website to the other in order to see and feel how things work. This can actually improve the quality of our decision when it has to do with choosing a product online because our decision will be based on a concrete and real experience, and not just mere audiovisuals.

To be more clear, metaverse makes it possible for you to be in your room and be physically present in a meeting with your colleagues, anywhere they may be. This is it; the game will change from just joining an online meeting and connecting with others via the camera, but from the four walls of your room, you will be able to teleport into the meeting. Isn’t that great?

To think that students will then be able to physically attend lectures while in their homes, is also thrilling and exciting. 

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Metaverse sounds great, right?

Are you ready for it?

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