Meta Quest Pro – here’s what you need to know

Meta, formerly Facebook, has revealed the Meta Quest Pro headset that brings together virtual and augmented reality. 

A cutting-edge headset that blends virtual reality and augmented reality. Mixed reality is the most recent innovation around extending reality where the virtual world is introduced into the real world visible only to the user. 

The headset looks bigger than a typical pair of glasses with cameras inwards that enables the headset to detect and mirror avatar facial expressions of the users such as winks, blinks, grins, raise eyebrows and wrinkle nose just like the user does.

The Meta CEO,  Mark Zuckerberg said during a demo at the company’s research division in Redmond, Washington that the world is presently in a phase where technologies that will power the metaverse are taking form.

He added that there is an increase of people in virtual reality than ever before; creators, developers, brands and more companies embracing and getting into the metaverse. The headset  is designed to foster collaboration and creativity, in both virtual and mixed reality. “This is the highest-end Virtual Reality device — for enthusiasts, the prosumer, the sort of people who are trying to get work done,” Zuckerberg.

It enables the user to interact with digital objects that are superimposed into the real world of the users, with features that blend both worlds in real time. With the headset, the user is able to manipulate digital images and objects and get them overlayed on the real world just as if they are right there in front of the user.

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All activities done on phones, systems and computers such as opening of files, working on them can also be achieved effectively and efficiently with the newly invented Meta Quest Pro.                                                  

The headset  was built to expand what is possible in virtual reality as it can be operated with just looking at the features and with voice commands. It supports and blends virtual reality and augmented reality. With the overlays of virtual objects into the real world that only the user can see. It also avails the user luxury of control  such as how much light it blocks out and has an adjustable full face ring. Meanwhile, Meta is bringing its Horizon Worlds metaverse to non-VR platforms – phones and computers – and improving the coding and modeling features to help people build better spaces within it.

In the world of Technology, new ideas are born, inventions and innovations come up by the seconds, these and more are reasons why you need to keep in trend with latest inventions not just fit and survive but also inspire you to be more creative and explore every single opportunity that comes with all advancements.

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