Impact of User Experience on Mobile Enterprise Application

User Experience Mobile Application Design

Mobile enterprise application and the impact of user experience has become a primary issue for companies that are keen on promoting their products and services in the competitive market and maximizing their profit.

Enterprise mobile application refers to a mobile application that is used in the business world to solve the problems of an enterprise – However, it is difficult to define a successful mobile application because it is tied directly to the user acceptance which may vary with each other.  Mobile enterprise application is gaining popularity in the world where it is vital to stay ahead of the technological curve. 

They help employees to have simplified access to the same applications as everyone in the company by enabling uniformity between devices while still allowing employees to have a personalized mobile experience that has become commonplace today. It has the benefit of efficiency in the workplace and cutting down costs. These applications may include automated billing systems; payment processing; customer support; content management; systems for collaboration and messaging; customer relationship management (CRM); email marketing systems, and many more.

The crux here is, how does user experience impact the development of mobile enterprise application. As a field that identifies users’  needs, expectation and acceptance when there is an interaction with a product or service, user experience design (UXD) cover the whole product acceptance. It plays an important role in the development of mobile applications due to its huge influence on product success/failure.

The impact of User Experience in the development of mobile applications are as follows:

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It Helps You Understand Your Audience

Firstly, user experience is important in the development of mobile enterprise application because it allows you to divide your audience and helps you understand what you need to do in order to meet their business goals, engage users with the app, and convert them into leads or sales, for best user experience.

Applicability and Effectiveness

Secondly, UX routinely improves the applicability and effectiveness of the application through continuous research regarding the target market, industry, user’s need and many other crucial factors.

Better Business Goals

Thirdly, it lets the organization achieve better business goals by building a diligent brand name, improving its reputation, and generating increased user traffic and business revenues. Good user experience is a win-win situation for both sides of the business flow.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Fourthly, knowing your customers’ better, creating engaging content and offering excellent service, puts everything in the right place to succeed. Satisfied customers are loyal and will give you repeat business because they believe in your product, that leads to increased ROI for your company. Focusing on your customer’s needs and listening to their feedback helps you to deliver greater products.

Builds Business Value

Also, good UX design leads to happy customers with lesser complaints, higher benefits, and more sales. Likewise, if your customers are happy, they’ll be willing to upgrade faster and try new features. Your development team will spend less time on old product versions and more time on developing new solutions for users. This leads to more innovation, reliability, and building stronger relationships with users by adding value to the brand.

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Saves Time and Money

Furthermore, the impact of user experience on mobile enterprise application is that it saves time as well as money. If done right, it can create an everlasting impact on a business. When a business invests in UX during the initial stages of a project’s development, they reduce product development cycles by 33-50 per cent. A delay in the time brings about profit losses when launched in the market. UX design can really boost the focus on features, as well as improve the outcome.


Finally, the success of an application is tied directly to the degree of user acceptance. That’s why companies are putting great efforts to develop a successful mobile application in order to expand their respective businesses. At Paritie, are known for quality mobile enterprise application development that effectively fulfils our client’s requirements and business processes. 

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