6 Tips To Help You Keep Your Cool with a Customer.

Heard of the saying “Customers are always right?” This may sound really awful or annoying at times but they are the lifeline of businesses. In the spirit of Customer service week 2019, we thought it nice to share these tips to help you, existing and prospective business owners optimize your customer service processes. 

In a way, we all fall victims of the statement above and also been guilty of being rude customers. Not to worry, we are humans and we tend to lose our cool especially in situations where things seem like they will take ages to work or seem not to work as expected. 

Here are some very helpful tips you may need to help you either when getting a customer service or when offering one;

  •  BE ASSERTIVE: Being assertive in this case simply means “Say what you mean, and mean what you say, most importantly, don’t be MEAN when you say it.” Let this rule guide your conversation and you will always be confident, cool, in control and you’ll always be professional.
  •  SPEAK MORE SLOWLY:  This may sound absurd but you will be amazed at how clearly you can think and how much control and confidence you will experience when you consciously slow down your rate of speech. Speak slowly and methodically when your emotional triggers start to rise and you will be sure to maintain balance when having difficult conversations.
  •  WAIT 1-2 SECONDS BEFORE RESPONDING: Giving immediate response to difficult or tactical customers may result in you saying something you will later regret. So before you respond, take a deep breath, wait at least 2 seconds, and think about the best response and the best approach for the moment.
  •  TAKE A TIME – OUT: This may sound out of place, but it works. When you sense that your buttons have been pushed, take a break. You can tell the customer you need to put them on hold while you review a file, or whatever excuse may sound good at the time. The point is to get away from the customer for a few seconds so you can regain balance of your emotional triggers.
  • USE POSITIVE SELF – TALK:  I’m going to sound like a psychologist on this one, but trust me, it’s worth it. Now instead of saying to yourself, “I can’t keep up with this mess,” Say something more positive like “This guy really needs my help.” Thinking more positively helps you respond more positively and professionally. Negative thoughts lead to negative words, and it spreads into a very negative situation.
  • SHOW YOUR POWER BEFORE YOU USE IT: Often, a subtle suggestion of your “power” is far more effective than the outright use of your power. As a customer service professional you may have the power to terminate a phone call. You could say to your customer: “If you don’t stop yelling, I will terminate this call.” But, believe it or not, you are far more “powerful” if you say, “I want to help you, but when you yell and cut me off, you make it difficult for me to work with you.” The latter statement demonstrates your power and your message most definitely gets across better. The former statement uses up all of your ammunition and won’t usually diffuse an irate customer.
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These incredibly simple tips will position you to keep your cool when customers get hot or even when you on the other hand are a customer. You may not necessarily be needing all of them, you could just get used to say one to three of them that works for you more effectively and you are sure to always be on you highest confidence level when some of these situations come up. 

Happy Customer Service Week!

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