A-Z of Digital Skills Masterclass for Women 2.0

Digital Skills Masterclass for Women 2.0

Missed the second edition of Digital Skills Masterclass for Women 2.0? Don’t worry. This post will make you feel as if  you were there right from start to finish!

Digital Skills Masterclass for Women, an initiative of Paritie Innovation Hub aims at promoting female entrepreneurs by outlining strategies that will help them make it as businesswomen. The theme for the event was Strategies for Business Growth and Success

The exponential growth of ICT in every aspect of society offers a unique opportunity to engage more women in both developed and emerging economies. With women entrepreneurs becoming increasingly important to these economies, there is a rising interest to understand how to better utilise and leverage digital skills, thereby increasing business opportunities and revolutionizing the way they work.  

Equipping female entrepreneurs with digital skills is important because there has been continuous increase in the use of technology for business processes, exchange of information via the internet and socialisation which is changing the way businesses operate and create competitive advantage. 

In this edition of Digital Masterclass for Women, there were two speakers at the event; 

Arome Ibrahim is an immersive content developer, a Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) /360 Virtual Reality (VR) expert and co-founder of ExperisImmersive.com. He spoke on the topic “Immersive Tools for Business Growth ” where he explained Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Furthermore, he outlined some tools by Google that female entrepreneurs can leverage on to boost their business and concluded by reiterating the importance of digital tools in business growth which provides seamless experience, builds strong connections with businesses and individuals and improves sales.

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Aysha Bint Mahmud is a business technology coach, writer, blogger (blog at ayshabintmahmud.com), humanitarian advocate, entrepreneur, agribusiness-woman, radio host, public speaker and many more. She spoke on the topic “Leveraging on the Power of Social Media ”.

According to her, social media is a tool that female entrepreneurs can leverage on to grow their businesses if used the right way. She talked about different social media platforms, their importance, and social media strategies that can be used by entrepreneurs to boost business growth. She also stressed the need to set goals that matter to one’s business, analyse your competition, assess and optimise results, establish most important metrics, make timelines a top priority while communicating goals, challenges and wins.

It was not all talk and no play during the masterclass as participants were engaged in a Kahoot game  and interaction with a virtual reality headset.

As the world continues to evolve, the role of women in the society cannot be overemphasised. The urgency to equip the female gender with the adequate skills such as digital skills in the 21st century is one that needs critical attention and we are committed to this cause.

On a final note, women are becoming increasingly important in the global marketplace, not just as consumers and investors, but also as entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is important to provide women with the skills that allow them to operate more effectively in a changing work environment and an increasingly digital business environment. 

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