6 Organisational Skills for Workplace Productivity


We live in a world where almost everything is fast-paced and you are required to be timely, productive and deliver good results. For many, keeping up with these requirements can be quite herculean. Before, we go further, have you thought of how you could manage your time effectively to meet up with the demands of your job and personal goals? 

According to Cambridge Dictionary, organisational skills is the ability to use your time, energy, resources, etc. in an effective way so that you achieve the things you want to achieve. Organisational skills is one of the most important skills any individual can possess and can help you put into good use your energy and time to achieve desired outcome(s). 

In the context of a working environment, here are six (6) organisational skills to consider so as to see a jump in productivity;


The ability to plan is a core attribute of someone with strong organisational skills. In fact, before any other thing takes place, there must be planning. Planning how to go about a project,  how your day should be in the office, creating a to do list, shows how organised you are. Besides, if you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail. 


After planning, then it’s time for you to prioritize. Your ability to give priority to your tasks is far more important than checking off items on your to-do lists. Identify possible constraints, determine some kind of timeline for when a project or task should finish and arrange based on the most important to the least important. This will help you come up with solutions in case something doesn’t go as planned.

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Another important organisational skill is collaboration. Success is best achieved with the help of others. How you effectively organize your collaboration with others will greatly affect your success. Also, it is important to determine who to collaborate with and on what projects, their skills and talent must be in alignment with what you want them to do.


The ability to organize people to form a team and work in a group is important. Your organizational skill is good if you are able to put together exceptional talents and achieve results.   


Truth is, your delegation skill is related to your teamwork skill. Well-organized individuals know what they can do themselves, and what they need to delegate to other team members to achieve the best results. 


Want to achieve success in the workplace, then you must be able to communicate in a manner that is understood by all. You must speak and write in a clear manner to be sure your message is clear. 

Organizational skills is essential for workplace productivity. It helps you be a better person and an effective employee with planning, prioritizing, delegating, collaborating and communicating as when due. 

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