13 Apple Watch Fitness Apps To Help Boost Your Physical Wellness


Your Apple Watch is capable of various functions, from tracking your heart rate to providing “take a break” reminders. It’s widely regarded as a top-tier health-tech device. Unlock its full potential by using these Fitness apps and take your health and fitness experience to another level.

Here Are The 13 Apple Watch Fitness Apps To Help Boost Your Physical Wellness

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This a meditation app for Apple Watch priced at $14.99 per month or $69.99 per year after a free trial. It provides guided meditations, breathing exercises, mindful movement, and more at your fingertips. Begin your day with the 10-minute Daily Calm, ease anxiety with Emergency Calm, enjoy a Mindful Walk post-lunch, and indulge in a Sleep Story at bedtime. The walks and stretches contribute to your daily activity rings on the watch.


Cardiogram, available for free, is a valuable app for monitoring heart health. Utilizing the heart rate data collected by your Apple Watch, it provides insights into how your heart responds to specific foods, exercises, and other factors over time.

Round Health

Available for free, this app addresses the common concern of forgetting to take medications, whether they are vitamins, birth control, or prescriptions. The app provides organized and persistent reminders, ensuring that even individuals with multiple medications can manage their doses effectively.


Strava, available for free or with a $59.99 annual subscription, is primarily a running app that monitors key metrics such as distance, pace, speed, elevation, average heart rate, and calories burned. Beyond running, Strava extends its functionality to activities like swimming, surfing, yoga, rock climbing, and weightlifting. Opt for Strava Premium to unlock personalized training plans and real-time feedback.


Headspace offers meditation guidance and deep breathing on various devices, with a free option or a subscription at $12.99 per month or $94.99 per year. While the app provides a comprehensive experience on phones, tablets, and computers, the Apple Watch version focuses on two exercises: SOS and Touch, designed to swiftly guide you to a state of relaxation and concentration in overwhelming moments.


Catering to dedicated runners, MapMyRun is available for free or at a monthly cost of $5.99. It provides in-depth analyses, including mile split times and insights on when to replace your running shoes. Opting for the premium version unlocks features such as heart rate zone analysis, specialized training plans, and Live Tracking, enhancing safety by allowing others to monitor your running location.


Available for free or at a yearly cost of $49.99, enables calorie counting, meal tracking, recipe exploration, and goal progress monitoring on your iPhone. When synced with your Apple Watch, it combines data from both devices, offering a more comprehensive overview. On the watch, Lifesum presents your progress using a cartoon character, adding a visually appealing touch to your tracking experience.


Priced at $4.99, Streaks focuses on the principle of setting small, achievable goals for a healthy lifestyle, avoiding lofty aspirations that may lead to disappointment. This app supports the implementation of manageable changes that you can consistently adhere to. With the ability to monitor up to 12 habits simultaneously, you can categorize them as positive or negative—such as tracking exercise positively and reducing smoking negatively. Streaks sends reminders to help you stay committed to your goals.


Geared towards seasoned gym enthusiasts, Gymaholic is available for free or at a monthly cost of $31.99. The app supports tracking for almost 400 exercises, requiring users to input exercise names. For those comfortable with this, Gymaholic provides straightforward and efficient workout tracking, enabling you to monitor progress over time and log your lifting weights.

Pocket Yoga

Priced at $3, Pocket Yoga is your ideal companion for a swift stretch. It offers guided audio and visual instructions, allowing you to engage in various yoga flows. With nearly 20 different options, you can log your yoga workouts and monitor your progress over time.


MyFitnessPal is available for free or at a monthly cost of $9.99 or $49.99 yearly, is all known for its extensive food database. While the iPhone app possess complexity and comprehensiveness, the Apple Watch version serves as a simple and valuable companion. On your watch, MyFitnessPal provides a running total of remaining daily calories, a macronutrient breakdown, and aggregates step count, activity, and calories burned from your Apple Watch.


ECG is a pre-installed Apple Watch app available for free, this app has the potential to be a life-saving tool. By placing your finger on the Digital Crown, the app analyzes your body’s electrical impulses for 30 seconds. It can identify atrial fibrillation, providing an alert if something seems irregular. However, it’s important to note that the app is not a substitute for professional medical advice, and if something appears seriously amiss, seek immediate attention from a physician.

Smart Gym

Smart Gym is available for free with in-app purchases, it offers a modern alternative to the traditional workout log. Detailed logging, including workout goals, sets, reps, weight, rest timers, and additional notes, is streamlined with this app. The optimal approach involves planning workouts on the iPhone app and using the Apple Watch for real-time tracking and logging. Additionally, Smart Gym allows tracking of body measurements like BMI, body fat percentage, and waist circumference.

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In conclusion, the list of fitness apps available for the Apple Watch opens up a world of possibilities for enthusiasts and beginners alike. These apps cater to various preferences and goals. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your meditation practice, monitor your heart health, or track your workouts with precision, the Apple Watch fitness apps listed here provide valuable tools to support your fitness journey. As technology continues to evolve, these apps showcase the potential of wearables to seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, encouraging a healthier and more active lifestyle. So, why not try out these Apple Watch fitness apps and take a step closer to achieving your health and fitness objectives?

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